Indigo Prophecy – End Game

I finished the game the other night. Pretty cool. I don’t want to give anything away, but if you are a fan of DBZ, there are some elements that you will greatly appreciate.

I’m very curious to see what major branches/deviations there are to the story depending on how the game is played. It seems like the chapters that have the most room for deviation are at the beginning, which makes sense, as the story is open at that point. Towards the end, the story is focusing in on an outcome and there isn’t much wiggle room left. Which, I think, is the source for comments in reviews about how the end of the game feels more rushed relative to the beginning. Part of that too, is that events are more succinct, with a more rapid progression through chapters, to raise the tension and drama. It isn’t quite as successful as it could be, however, due to the loading times between segments. Not horrific, but enough to return you to your warm, cozy living room.

It should be noted that the game is not perfect. It does a pretty successful job of creating an interactive experience that pulls the player into the game emotionally. It is a fun ride that wants to be experienced again and again in different ways. How different those ways actually are may affect the extent of the replay value, but for now I’m hooked. But there are some control issues. The old problem of 3D movement control when switching camera angles pops up a lot in this game. Not really a problem when just walking around, but seems to be compounded when running, which is not when you want to get hung up on some random piece of furniture because you can’t make the character go where you want. The camera is a little frustrating at times. While you have a lot of control over it, it moves slowly, and is temperamental as to whether or not it will actually reset to behind the character when instructed. There are a few times when the camera interferes with play, but it is usually minor and can be surmounted by switching to 1st-person momentarily.

I will keep sharing my thoughts as I play through it different ways. An excellent renter, as the game doesn’t take very long to play through, but probably worth buying if you find it for $40 or less. Support this emerging genre! I hear so many complaints about linear gameplay. Here is a worthy opportunity to show that you mean it.

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