DQ8 Item Trivia – From the Omniscient Quartermaster

15 Fun Facts: (In celebration of the Ides of March)

1) There are over 300 unique items in the game – counting weapons, armour, equipment, and items, but neglecting story items. (Weapons=100; Armour/Helms/Shields=119; Accessories/Items=96) +/-

2) Of that, 203 of the items can be used as ingredients in alchemy recipes.

3) Of that, 117 of the ingredients are only used in one recipe.

4) There are 184 recipes that can be made using alchemy.

5) Of that, there are 11 items that can be made two different ways.

6) 119 of the recipes use two ingredients. Only 65 recipes require three.

7) There are 54 items that can only be acquired through alchemy. Of those, 23 are ingredients for other recipes.

8) The most common ingredient is a Devil’s Tail. Thirteen are required for as many recipes. Twelve urns of Saint’s Ashes are required for ten recipes.

9) Orichalcum is required for seven recipes.

10) Nook Grass is only required for two. (Is Nook Grass legal in Animal Crossing?)

11) The cost of ingredients to make Scholar’s Specs is 5.74 times what it costs to buy the Specs outright. If you make some of your own ingredients you can whittle the ratio down to 4.38. In that case, Chain Mail becomes the worst deal, costing 4.54 times more to make than to buy.

12) The Leather Whip, Jessica’s starting weapon, cannot be purchased in shops. It can be found in one other location, dropped by two monsters, or made with alchemy using ingredients costing 12200 gold.

13) There are only two Icicle Dirks in the game. They are used in two recipes for items that can be purchased in stores.

14) The King’s Axe can be purchased for 17000 gold. Or, if you don’t mind using a rare item, can be made using alchemy at a cost of only 2600 gold for the remaining ingredients.

15) There are two recipes for making a Leather Kilt, requiring a total of four ingredients. Three of the ingredients can be made from other recipes. The cost of the ingredients for one of the recipes to make the 220 gold Leather Kilt is 80 gold. The cost of ingredients for the other recipe could set you back as much as 12245 gold.

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