asciInvaders I recently “finished” my first flash game as part of Kongregate.com’s new developer contest.  They provided a tutorial and source code to make a simple side-scrolling shooter, and tasked interested parties in taking those guides, and using them to learn how to make a game.  Since I’ve been wanting to learn flash for some time now, I jumped at the opportunity, and crafted a Space Invaders style game.  There are a few features, as of this post, that I have not yet had time to incorporate, but hopefully I will be able to implement them before the deadline of the contest.  As with most online contests of this natrue, it’s a popularity contest.  The winners will be selected based on the highest user rating.  So, if you play the game, and have a Kongregate account, feel free to rate my game, along with the other entrants.  I hope you enjoy it, and let me know of any comments you have (or bugs you encounter).  Hopefully, I will be able to create more games after this (though Flash is an expensive program) and be able to couple it eventually with my novel.

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