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Kongregate Korner – Unity Results

Kongregate recently announced the results of their Unity game design contest. One of the reasons I like Kongregate so much is the effort they take to promote game development and encourage people to become involved in game design. Everyone wins. … Continue reading

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Entertainment Factor

GDC is both invigorating and frustrating for me. It’s invigorating because it brings a lot of really intelligent people together to talk about creating in a field that I have a lot of interest. It’s frustrating because, at best, I … Continue reading

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Beyond Good & Evil & Codified Boundaries

With the recent release of Beyond Good & Evil – HD on Xbox Live Arcade, I thought I might honor the occasion by revisiting a post I made while playing the original game some years ago. It might actually be … Continue reading

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Cagey at GDC

Michael Abbott has a nice reaction piece up at The Brainy Gamer to David Cage’s GDC presentation entitled “Creating an Emotional Rollercoaster in Heavy Rain“. The post has led to a pretty interesting discussion in the comments. As I stated … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Indeed. After owning this domain for, oh, about five years, I’ve finally managed to put some content on it. Over the next (hopefully small) interminable time period I’ll migrate the more worthwhile … Continue reading

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