Cagey at GDC

Michael Abbott has a nice reaction piece up at The Brainy Gamer to David Cage’s GDC presentation entitled “Creating an Emotional Rollercoaster in Heavy Rain“. The post has led to a pretty interesting discussion in the comments.

As I stated there, I am fascinated by the idea that Cage is selling. Unfortunately, while Cage is very passionate about his design philosophy, his ego tends to steal the focus. While I think that his personality is good for stirring up very useful conversation on story telling in games, we need to quickly get past Cage in order for the conversation to be of value.

I haven’t played Heavy Rain, so I can’t comment directly on Quantic Dream’s latest work, but I can link back to the thoughts I had about Indigo Prophecy, a game I was very excited about, and a game that left me a little disappointed.

That said, I’m still very interested to see what Cage does next. And all of the other developers working to develop story through gameplay.

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