I’ve been captivated by video games since I was about five, when I first witnessed Atari games being played on my neighbor’s television. Since then, games have always been a part of my life, from the cocktail cabinet Gorf in the local pizzeria, to the yogurt shop arcade in the nearby mall, finally to the various consoles that have been wired to my own television. Collected here are my responses to some of the games that have engaged me the most and my general musings on the industry.

Front Mission – Excel Spreadsheet Wanzer Makers for three games in the series.

faqs – Stuck? Did your game just glitch? Maybe you’re curious about the algorithms used for a particular game mechanic…

asciInvaders asciInvaders is a Space Invaders style game I crafted as part of Kongregate’s new developer contest in 2008.  The game is actually a port of a game I started coding in C++ years before. The theme was perhaps conveyed more successfully in the original context, but I had a lot of fun trying to devour Flash in a month and produce something playable.

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