Looking back, I can probably place the blame squarely on The Legend of Zelda. To assist in playing the game I made a scale map of the overworld. Of course, many games of the 8-bit generation required making maps and taking notes of various puzzle clues and minutia. To some degree, modern technology has made gamers soft, with auto-mapping and in-game encyclopedias. But it also allows for greater complexity and depth in design. Many games, sometimes in spite of their glossy exteriors, sport sophisticated systems under the hood powering the mechanics, just waiting to be taken apart, studied, and reassembled. The result of such scrutiny is often compiled in the form of a faq or walkthrough and submitted to a portal such as GameFaqs. There have only been a few occasions when I’ve felt compelled to add such a piece to the public forum, but I’ve gathered them together here for your perusal, edification, and entertainment:

Blaster Master: Blasting Again (PS1)Walkthrough

Jak II (PS2)Stadium Bug FAQ

Front Mission (NDS)Dodge Guide

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