Front Mission

WZR Makers

Following are the current builds of my Wanzer Maker spreadsheets for the Front Mission games available in the States. Click through for screenshots and to download the files.

FM1Front Mission 1st – Version 0.7 fixes a bug in arming certain Mobile Weapons. Fully supports both scenarios. Ability to save configurations not supported. Please email me with any bug reports.

I also wrote a Dodge Faq, hosted on GameFAQs, analyzing the unexplained Dodge class in FM1 (which is probably how you got here).

FM3Front Mission 3 – The spreadsheet is designed to keep track of salvaged parts so that optimum builds can be designed from your current stock. Contains a full database of parts and their upgrades so builds can be planned for future optimization, preventing funds being wasted on unnecessary part upgrades. Save and manage up to sixteen different Wanzer configurations from a common pool of stock.

FM4Front Mission 4 – While the FM4 spreadsheet lacks some of the functionality of its predecessor (does not support a stock list or saving of build configurations) it contains a complete database of parts available for both the Durandal and UCS 332 teams graduated by level availability. Sorting functions help arrange parts based on build type. Weapon stats incorporate part modifiers to provide a more accurate representation of expected damage output.