FM1 WZR Maker

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The FM1 Wanzer Maker supports both the OCU and UCS scenarios. Selecting the desired team affiliation filters the database for available parts and equipment. Stock availability is further defined based on the mission range, populating the part lists with equipment accessible at that point in the game. Note that special rewards from missions will appear starting with the first shop level they are available.  Such items may be unique and not (yet) available for purchase.

Stock lists can be sorted based on several schemes such as power, accuracy, or movement. Selecting a part displays its statistics. Selecting arms automatically loads them in the loadout section as either barehanded melee weapons or as the appropriate weapon type for weapon arms. Selecting a mobile weapon body type will select all appropriate parts and weapons.

The database sheets are visible for reference.  Pressing the ‘clear’ button on the Maker tab will fully expand the database tabs.  Once a Store Level and/or Affiliation has been selected, the database sheets will be sorted and collapsed to only show the relevant stat information.


WZR Maker tab showing early game OCU build

WZR Maker tab showing mid-game UCS missiler build
WZR Maker tab showing post-game OCU Mobile Weapon build
WZR Body database tab sorted for defense
WZR Arms database tab sorted for accuracy
WZR Legs database tab sorted for movement
WZR Weapons database tab sorted by type and expected damage

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