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Relative to its immediate predecessor, FM4 wanzer design is pretty straight forward. While the database features more parts and more varied support classes, the absence of salvage and part upgrades dramatically simplifies the wanzer configuration process. The FM4 WZR Maker focuses on providing more realistic information by incorporating damage algorithms to modify base statistics.

To provide a more accurate representation of damage output, expected High and Low Damage ratings are provided based on the accuracy ranges for a given weapon.  Melee damage is multiplied by the Power/Weight ratio.  Ranged weapon damage is modified by the accuracy of the corresponding WZR arm.  Shoulder weapon expected damage is calculated by multiplying the base damage by the ammunition count and accounting for homing ability (with arbitrary modifiers). Grenade and rocket Exp Hi Damage is multiplied by the blast radius.  Shield Hi Damage is the Block percentage multiplied by the number of uses, indicating the total amount of damage that can be blocked by the shield.  Lo Damage is the remaining amount of damage received.

The maker tab will sort the database of parts for availability based on whether the Durandal or UCS 332 team is engaged. Part listings are graduated by shop availability based on mission ranges. Part lists can be sorted further by using various schemes to facilitate selection for specific build types. Parts that are earned from simulator challenges are marked with the corresponding simulator level. Weapons that are components of weapon arms are marked with an asterisk in the loadout section to indicate that wanzer parts need to be coordinated appropriately.


WZR Maker tab showing a late Durandal build


WZR Body database


WZR Arms database


WZR Legs database


WZR Backpack database


WZR Weapons database


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